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All Saints Muston is the second of the two churches originally in the Benefice which became Hertford Benefice..  Muston is a much smaller village with a population of just 330. A church has existed here since the early 12th century and was at that time overseen by the same Abbey in Lincoln as was the church in Hunmanby. Muston was made a parish in 1269.

The vicar of 1519 one Rev. John Dobson was apparently hung, drawn and quatered for his outspoken views on the changes being made in the Church in England by Henry Vlll.

The church building we use today is the result of a complete rebuild in 1863 when the roof was blown completely off in a huge storm. Few references to the original building exist other than ;

In 1552 there were two bells said to be dated  1410. These bells were recast at the 1863 rebuilding.

In the early 19th century it was recorded " the church is a small, mean, ancient edifice, consisting of a nave, chancel and south porch. A small wooden turret contains two bells."


Many thanks to Mrs Glegg, Filey, for allowing us to use the material of her late husband, Mr. Ken Clegg



We have a small but committed congregation that varies in size from 15 to 20 which meets every Sunday for worship.

Our pattern of service is as follows:

1st Sunday 9:30am Morning Prayer

2nd Sunday 10.00am Morning Worship

3rd Sunday 10:00am Morning Prayer

4th Sunday 9:30am Holy Communion

5th Sunday 11.00am Benefice Service (Moving round the 5 Benefice Churches)

We look forward to meeting you at one of our sevices.

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