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What We Do

All Saints has a variety of activities and 'ministries. We list some of them here:

HOUSE GROUPS We have five groups which meet at different times of the week. Three of them meet during the day with the other groups meeting in the evening. The groups are a great way of getting to know church members on a deeper level than just saying 'hello' on a Sunday in Church. They have a bible study, a time of worship and a time of open prayer. But central, and essential, to all of this is fellowship. Groups are encouraged to hold occasional social events.

S.W.or.D.  Stands for Single, Widowed or Divorced. This is a fellowship group open to church members who fall into its remit. The group meets once a month at the home of the group leader for a Sunday lunch after church. We do say jokingly (yet seriously) this isn't a dating organisation, though we have had one wedding come from it!

HOME COMMUNION  Maureen Andrew, one of our Readers, takes Holy Communion to those who are ill or have become housebound. The bread and wine are consecrated by the Vicar during the main church service. The elements are then taken through the week to those who request Communion. These visits enable us to keep in touch with those who for whatever reason cannot attend church and help make them feel that they are still part of the Body of Christ, the Church.

CHRISTIAN NURTURE Occasionally we run courses on the basics of the Christian faith and belief. It is a very informal, relaxed and 'non- threatening' way for exploring what it means to be a Christian in this modern world. This may be an Alpha course or a START course. Each session lasts no more than 2 hours, but that would include having a cuppa and a social time. See our current course Click Here

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